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Hero Jaejoong


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and last but not the least Xiah Junsu


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uverbean asked : love me ;n;


I love you! <3 <3 <3

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with a face like that, how could you not?
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Just saying: You really should listen to Hilcrhyme



People earmark J-pop for scantily clad girls singing in high pitched voices, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but that doesn’t stop this from becoming a dangerous perception, because talented groups often fall out of the loop due to lack of support, funding or publicity.

Hilcrhyme is one of these groups. Yes, it’s name is an ungodly portmanteau of the words “hillclimb” and “rhyme”,  but it is still the duet you probably haven’t heard of, but really should have. 

Hilcrhyme is a reggae-hip-hop group that puts out music for the soul. Soothing, addictive and ultimately healing. And normally characterised by charming, sleepy-voiced raps and piano chords.

And I’m just saying: You really should click on the video and listen to them go.

Because when you listen to a Hilcrhyme tune, it automatically becomes yours, the lyrics and melody will slowly desiccate and diffuse into your cold, ten-fold steel enforced heart (Don’t know about yours but mine’s like that). That’s the way it is and that is the way, I hope, it will always be.

Listen to this song, and scroll through the translations while you’re at it. I hope it brings you as much comfort as it does to me.

Hilcrhyme- Dajiobu

(Lyrics and translation below the video)

I’ll give you a magic word
Whatever the question is, this is the immediate answer
It’ll give you ease, get rid of your anxiety, and ease even your loneliness

It’s alright, No worries
It’s just a tiny thing
It’s okay if you don’t care about it
See? I’m with you all the time
But somehow it can’t get rid of the lump

Sometimes the anxiety strikes you again
To invisible tomorrow like hidden by cloudy sky
Stretching your hand out saying “Don’t let me go”
OK I got your back. Ready? I’ll say it.

If I say “You’re alright”, you will be alright
Even though the whole world denies you 
If I say “You’re alright”, you will be alright
I can become the only one who deny the whole world for you

Seems like you are using the word you always use in a wrong way
You’re in a hard place, but trying not to show it.
Like a brief response

It’s so hard to see you struggling, trying not to make me worry and cause me troubles
When those accumulated things finally seen in your face, the tense string just snaps 

The night you broke down into tears
The bitter memories are outside of the window 
Then I’ll hold you closer and whisper into your ears again
Ready? I’ll say it

If I say “You’re alright”, you will be alright
Even though the whole world denies you 
If I say “You’re alright”, you will be alright
I can become the only one who deny the whole world for you

Everything’s gonna be alright

"It must be because of me"
You are carrying your burden alone again
I can hear your inaudible voice
Saying “It hurts” 
The stuff is heavy, right? I’ll take half of yours.
I don’t care
Thanks for worrying
But I’m “alright”

Trying to act like a tough person as if there were nothing wrong
Avoiding others’ eyes and squatting down alone 
Hard to even drown out
Such a strength of yours is just too painful

I promise I’ll change the world with my word
Make it reach the bottom of your heart 
I’ll repeat it over and over
You are not wrong at all

If I say “You’re alright”, you’ll be alright
Even though the whole world denies you
If I say “You’re alright”, you’ll be alright
Every time you are having a hard time, I will say it over and over

And the world will let you know
"You’ll be alright"
The whole world will give you love when you open your mind
Then I don’t have to say it anymore, do I? 
This will be the last one
"I’m Alright"
Put your smile back on your face
Stay just the way you are right now

All of this. This is beautiful.